One of the most critical parts of doing business online is understanding how you are going to get paid.

There are two basic types of payment gateways:

1. Turn key payment providers like Paypal, Google Checkout and Moneybookers. All three of these companeis will allow you to set up an account very quickly and process online payments for you. They take a small percentage of each sale but there is typically no set up fee or monthly charge. This type of payment provider is recommended if you are just getting started.

2. Merchant Accounts: Many websites that expect to do a high volume of sales or that also have a physical store location will typically set up a merchant account. This is a traditional credit card processor that will provide you with a payment terminal or a virtual terminal. They tend to be more expensive to set up, but are cheaper than Paypal or a turn key payment provider because they charge a lower percentage per sale. We can integrate most merchant accounts to your website but we recommend It is important to remember that if you choose to set up a merchant account and accept credit card payments online, you will need to install an SSL Security Certificate so that the credit card data is encrypted.

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