Setting up a Shopping Cart


Electronic Commerce (ecommerce, e-commerce, ecomm) refers to the process selling (or buying) goods and services over the Internet or other data networks. It sounds pretty simple to "Put up a shopping cart, sell products, get paid" but the reality is that there are a lot of different shopping carts, getting paid isn't quite as easy as  you might think. We often recommend open source shopping carts that can be very inexpensive to set up. Virtuemart, X-Cart and Zen Cart might be perfect for some clients while might be a better fit for Volusion or Big Commerce.

The main factors to consider when you are considering a shopping cart:

1. Initial Cost vs. Anticipated cost of ownership

2. Who will be maintaining or modifying the shopping cart?

3. What types of products are you selling?

4. What type of sales volume do you anticipate?

5. What payment gateway are you planning on using?

and the most important question(s) ...

If you were a potential customer and wanted to buy the product, would you buy it from the site?

You need to envision your products for sale ... is it a good user experience? Is it a smooth check process? How does the product page look?

Talk to one of our e-commerce experts and we will take the time to create the time to help you create the perfect online strategy to sell your products whether you are selling 1 product or 1,000+


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