One of the most important considerations when you set up a website or a ecommerce site is to start with a meaningful domain name. Everyone is familiar with the term .com but many people don't realize that there are dozens of extensions that are available.Obviously,  if possible you want to use the .com extension if you can find a domain name that makes sense for your business. You also want the domain name to be as short as possible but for it to be meaningful.


For instance: Let's consider a Las Vegas website, you might want to use ... but the city of Las Vegas Sun Newspaper might have a slight problem with that ... so since that is already registered, you could think of a term that everyone likes about Las Vegas like "Winning" and put it together for the domain name  


So here are some basic guidelines when considering a domain.


  1. If possible use a .com extension.  That avoids losing traffic to a competitor who has the .com and your visitors forget whether your site is .net or .biz.
  2. You need the domain name to be memorable - "google" and "yahoo" really don't have any connection to being a search engine but they are both short, easy to remember and funny. If you can't do a short domain see if you can create a descriptive domain - - was easy to remembe and they sold Discount Vitamins. 
  3. Use Key Words if possible - Just like the examples above if you can create a domain name that focuses on the search terms that people would use to find your business like 24 Hour Mini Clinic


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