Creative Domains offers Strategic Planning and Threat Evaluation for e-commerce sites.

If you are currently running an online shopping cart and dissatisfied with your current conversion rate,  or if your current software has been compomised by hackers or malware our experts will help you map out a strategy to make sure that your site is converting visitors to customers and that your customers are able to check out safely and securely.

Some of the items we will review:

  1. Site Security (SSL, Out of Date Software, Known Threats)
  2. Shopping Cart Software (Current software vs. newer options)
  3. Checkout Process (Ease of checkout - Evaluate abandoned carts caused by user frustration)
  4. Product Display (Ease of use by the customer - Photo Galleries - Sizes - Colors - Etc)
  5. Site Performance (Overall site load times, server speed, product images)
  6. Payment Gateways (Cart abandonment due to payment options - lack of confidence)

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