It has never been more important for a business owner to understand the fundamentals of social media and how to leverage it to their advantage.

Social Media is a very generic term that includes sites like twitter, facebook, digg, delicious and youtube. There are obviously hundreds more but those are the most common sites you will here.

Each site clearly has a different purpose - twitter limits you to 140 characters, youtube lets you post vide content, digg and delicious let you recommend and review websites and content,  and facebook which is perhaps the most widely known of the social media sites lets you do everything from post short comments, post videos and recommend sites to your friends.

So if you are going to leverage social media sites, how do you go about?

There are is only one goal and four reasons to use social media:

The Goal: Build Your Brand (Translation: Increase Sales)

This is accomplished through social media in one of four ways:

1. Reach an existing community - Use social media to promote your brand to an existing market

2. Create your own community - Set up your own social network of users to support and build your brand. This can be support forums, user groups, and social media groups in the product sector (a rider group if you sell scooters)

3. Use social media to promote your message within a group - This is done through promotions and refer a friend campaigns. You will often see promotions to win electronics or concert tickets with the intent of going viral. (Tell 2 friends for an additional entry ... and they tell 2 friends, etc)

4. Get real time market feedback - You can get real time feedback and market research from social media. Monitoring twitter for conversations about your product or an existing product that you want to compete against can be an incredible opportunity to build awareness of your brand.

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